The South Carolina Health Center Control Network (SCHCCN) partnered with the telehealth organization to improve health outcomes for its diabetic patients through RPM.

DES MOINES, Iowa- April 14, 2022Certintell, a growing management services organization providing digital health services for underserved populations through a virtual medical practice, announces today the compelling results of its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) pilot program, conducted in partnership with the South Carolina Health Center Controlled Network (SCHCCN). 


In an effort to continue building sustainable digital infrastructure for health systems in the state, SCHCCN partnered with Certintell in January of 2021 to launch a 12-month pilot RPM program for patients with diabetes. Six health centers participated in the program, providing 72 patients who wanted to improve their health and wellbeing supported by RPM services. 


At the program’s conclusion, 52.8 percent of the evaluated patient population, who may have not otherwise improved their health outcomes without additional resources, saw their health progress across varying metrics, including blood pressure, weight and blood glucose levels.


These results signal that RPM is cementing its importance in a value-based care environment, as well as its impact on vulnerable populations. 


“It’s reaffirming to see the results of this pilot program,” Certintell Founder and CEO, Benjamin Lefever, said. “It shows that the work clinicians are putting in, and the resources we’re able to arm them with, come together to provide patients transformative support in ways that weren’t possible 5 or 10 years ago. It makes our team excited to continue building on our success with SCHCCN, as well as form new partnerships that will empower even more patients.”


The pilot’s success could not have been achieved without a mutually-enriching collaboration between SCHCCN and Certintell. Because the pilot focused on diabetes self-management, Certintell supplied glucose meters, blood pressure meters and weight scales directly to the patients of these health centers. Each health center was trained on the use of Certintell’s care management platform, in order to streamline patient-provider interactions. Training covered system-user management, device setup with patients and reporting recorded metrics. Health centers were also given training on general RPM strategy and data analysis, which enabled them to interpret the numbers into the story of a patient population given the tools they needed to finally find success. 

“With the devices Certintell provided us, we were able to give our patients that extra push they needed to improve the way they self-manage their conditions,” SCHCCN Director of Information Technology, Chandra Beasley, said. “RPM has been a great way to monitor their progress and make sure we’re all on the same page in their care journeys.”

Because the devices were cellularly-enabled with no wifi or bluetooth connection required, there was minimal time spent getting them online and working, as well as little time spent explaining to patients how to start taking their readings. 

“Sustainability is always top of mind for us when we’re introducing mobile health programs to new health systems,” Lefever said. “So, we try to provide all the resources every person in the care team needs to optimize the use of telehealth or RPM technology. We can’t support patients if we’re not supporting the clinicians we work with first.” 

To see the full story and data behind the SCHCCN and Certintell RPM project, see the newly released case study here: 


About SCHCCN: 

The South Carolina Health Center Controlled Network (SCHCCN) was formed in 2016 under the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association. The organization aims to create infrastructure to support the present and future of Health Centers in South Carolina.


About Certintell: 

Certintell is a care management company that enables safety-net providers to make a lasting impact on the health of underserved patients through telehealth. We do this by using our in-depth expertise in health care and health information technology to anticipate — and meet — the needs of health care payers, providers and patients.

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