Partnership Goals Include Increased Education, Training And Overall Advocacy For Health Coaching As They Launch Program Nationwide

DES MOINES, Iowa, July 14, 2020 — Health care is changing rapidly with an emphasis on preventative care. Certintell, Inc. and Clinical Health Coach have partnered to serve patients proactively through technological advances in support of increasing access to preventative care services. As of 2020, chronic disease prevalence has risen by approximately 57%. With this increase, demand on the health care providers has reached levels of concern.¹ To support the increased needs nationally, Certintell will have Clinical Health Coach conduct online training and intensive in-person training for health coaches. These Certintell Health Coaches will provide remote care coordination for underserved patients, commonly seen at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). These health coaches will utilize Certintell’s advanced telehealth platform to provide care coordination to patients — in collaboration with FQHC providers — through HIPAA-compliant video, audio, pictures and text. Patients can connect with their care team through their computer or through Certintell’s native iOS and Android JoinCareTeam apps.

By 2050, there is an expected shortage of 52,000 primary care physicians.² With this partnership, Certintell and Clinical Health Coach are ready to tackle this gap in health care with clinically trained health coaches. There is statistically significant evidence that utilizing a health coach can lead to improvements in behavioral, psychological and social outcomes for patients due to routine engagement and relationship development. Specifically, health coaching can lead to weight loss, improved physical health status and lowered hemoglobin A1C. Patients have also been shown to increase self-efficacy and mental health status through the motivation of a health coach.³

“We are excited to get this partnership off the ground in order to cover the health disparities we see regularly in the FQHC space. By allowing these community health centers to utilize our health coaches, they will be able to provide high-quality care coordination to patients that need it the most,” said Benjamin Lefever, Founder and CEO of Certintell. “Not only will these health centers see engagement with patients increase while their staff workloads decrease, but they will also have access to our expertise in improving patient quality measures.”

Initially, the partnership will include advocacy and awareness campaigns promoting health coaches in the Community Health Center space. These campaigns will include educational webinars related to health coaching associated with telehealth and Care Management services. Certintell and Clinical Health Coach will share success stories and use cases for training health centers to ensure a seamless system of communication between provider, patient and health coach. 

“Health coaching is a key strategy in successful patient-centered population health. With health care staff shortages on the rise, now more than ever is the time for health centers to apply health coaches in their patient workflows,” said William Appelgate, PhD, CPC, CEO of ICCC. “Health centers incorporating trained health coaches quickly experience benefits in improved patient outcomes, heightened patient engagement in their own health and increased staff satisfaction.”

Certintell and Clinical Health Coach are committed to serving patients, typically those on Medicare, Medicaid or who struggle with health care accessibility, in order to improve the quality of life for those with chronic conditions.



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About Certintell

Founded in 2014, Certintell is a rapidly growing care management company that enables safety-net providers to make a lasting impact on the health of underserved patients through a spectrum of comprehensive health IT solutions, including telehealth, to achieve the goals of the health care Quadruple Aim.


About Clinical Health Coach

Clinical Health Coach comes from the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium (ICCC), founded in 2003 as a voluntary collaboration of public, private, academic and government. Its mission is building capacity with other organizations to deliver effective, proactive, patient-centered strategies to reduce the burden of chronic conditions. Validated outcomes from their partner projects affirm the pivotal value of coaching communications in achieving population health success.

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