[…] The company plans to use J&J Impact Ventures funding to support efforts to improve the care of more communities with innovative telehealth solutions. The investment supports Certintell’s focus on utilizing telehealth services, like Remote Patient Monitoring and Triage Care Coordination, to provide remote care and education to individuals in under-resourced communities[…]
[…] Certintell Telehealth has announced a new innovation pilot under the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), designed to to bridge the gap between social services and medical care for vulnerable populations. The organization was selected as one of 27 awardees to design a solution for Phase 2 of the challenge that mitigates this care gap. […]
[…] The project is funded through a 5-year, $1.6 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and includes RPM powered by Certintell Telehealth.“ We are very excited to be able to work with Certintell as we continue to develop care delivery options which are convenient and accessible […]
[…] Certintell, in fact, the company is shifting its focus to “telehealth 2.0” to engage with more patients who suffer from chronic health conditions. The new goal for the company is to help these patients better prioritize healthy living.. […]

Smart Socks? How This Tech Startup Is Targeting a Common Medical Problem

[…] Currently, Medicaid, which serves low-income patients, is behind Medicare in the adoption of RPM services, says Benjamin Lefever, chief executive officer of Certintell, which provides telehealth services to marginalized patients. “Medicare has already jumped on board with remote patient monitoring. […]
[…] Lefever says that the public health crisis has only accelerated the need for these types of services for underserved and minority communities as the viral outbreak has disproportionally affected the Black community in comparison to their White counterparts. […]
[…] According to the CDC, telehealth visits have increased by 154% during the pandemic. Lefever said his company has been strategizing how to serve more people in low income and rural areas with vaccine distribution. […]

[…] Benjamin Lefever is the founder and CEO of Certintell, the country’s first telehealth company that provides remote patient monitoring for marginalized populations. Lefever says that he was inspired to start his business after seeing members of his family struggle with health issues and their limited options. […]

[…] “Working with these underserved clinics, personal experience, and then seeing the power of getting patients access that they need, how it improves their health outcomes, was really the passionate foundation with why Certintell was started today,” Lefever said. […]

[…] The company provides remote monitoring services to patients, sometimes chronically-ill, in 25 states and also helps those who are underserved and in rural areas. With the rollout of more phases for vaccinations coming, Lefever believes telehealth can also be helpful because they can deliver important vaccination information to patients who might not be aware of the messages. […]

[…] Benjamin Lefever, a 1995 Elkhart Central High School graduate who played on the school’s basketball team that went to the state finals that year, has made a career in the health care field and, five years ago, founded the telehealth company Certintell, in Iowa. The idea was to provide a platform for mental health providers to engage with patients remotely. […]

[…] Lefever doesn’t work directly with patients. Instead, he reaches out to healthcare providers; in particular, federally-community health centers and specialty clinics that are far from rural areas, yet still the closest in proximity. Lefever says healthcare providers receive financial incentives for partnering with Certintell. They also get access to working alongside a Certintell care team to monitor their patients’ health remotely. […]
[…] Benjamin Lefever always had a passion for healthcare. His passion, coupled with his drive to help those who are vulnerable, formed the foundation of Certintell Telehealth. Now more than ever before, telehealth is an essential part of our lives. Ben and his team work to bring telehealth services to everyone who needs access to it, including those who are underserved or in low-income communities. […]

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