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About Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

BHI is an effective strategy for improving outcomes for the millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions. Practitioners work together with patients using a systematic, cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population.

Care Team Involved

  • Member of your staff (Primary care physician, NP, PA, or CNM )
  • Health Coach or Peer Advocate (Powered by Certintell)
  • Beneficiary (member of care team)
  • 20 minutes of behavioral health care coordination services per calendar month

  • Behavioral health care manager performs proactive, systematic follow-up using validated rating scales and a registry.

  • As required by CMS, our solution goes beyond telephonic to cover all of your CCM needs; including asynchronous secure messaging, video calls, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

    Powered by Certintell
  • Assesses treatment adherence, tolerability, and clinical response using validated rating scales.

    Powered by Certintell
  • Care planning by the primary care team, jointly with the beneficiary, with care plan revision for patients whose condition is not improving adequately. Treatment may include pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and/or other indicated treatments.

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