Enable out-of-the-box care for complex patients to improve their health in the comfort of their own home and reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

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About Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM allows a patient to use a connected medical device to perform a routine test and send the data to a health care professional. RPM increases access to care and reduces health care delivery costs and helps safety-net providers see beyond episodic patient visits to create a continuous real-time patient record, changing health care workflows from reactive to proactive in support of value-based care

Care Team Involved

  • Physician, qualified health care professional, or clinical staff.
  • Patients can easily take their health measurements and have them instantly and effortlessly available for their care team to review–and because these measurements are sent and stored automatically, the accuracy of the stored readings is assured.

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  • As these vital measurements are taken on a routine basis, a track record of measurements is assembled that can show whether or not that area of a person’s health is improving – or if it’s staying the same.

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  • This series of measurements will then form a trend that a person, patient, or health practitioner can use as feedback to determine what the possible actions are that are causing changes in one’s condition, or decide what medications or diet or activity changes can be advised to bring about improvements.

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  • Utilizing recent advances in technology, Certintell provides safety-net providers a Gateway and Transmitter. The gateway lives at the patient’s residence and the transmitter is connected with a health device in order to send data to the providers office.

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  • Certintell analyzes what’s measured to show whether or not a person’s health is improving. The results can be shared with health care providers and patients to aid in lifestyle decisions – such as food choices, activity levels, behavior modifications and medications – to facilitate health improvements.

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  • Patients may also choose to provide data to family members and friends as a way to gain extra support in monitoring health conditions and receiving encouragement.

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