Diabetes is an epidemic quickly gaining traction in the United States. It’s important to continue building on the conversation around the disease’s adverse effects. The chronic condition has a snowball effect on the health of patients and on the health care industry. The rise in numbers signals a need for a shift toward value-based care, where patients can take preventative measures to take back control of their health. Until then, just how much is diabetes costing us? Take a look below in this infographic:


Cost of Diabetes in America Infographic


How Can We Help?

Preventative care is at the core of our mission; we want to help you improve the health of your patient population. For patients with pre-diabetes, services such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) help track vitals and alert providers when they worsen. This, coupled with a team of dedicated health coaches who help patients build out meal plans and exercise routines adapted to their lifestyle, allows patients to reclaim their health. For patients already diagnosed with diabetes, the same services are available to improve health outcomes with a targeted approach to care. For any diabetes-related complications, patients also have access to a network of specialty care physicians, without ever having to leave their homes. Don’t go at it alone—we can fight this epidemic together.



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