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Community Health Centers (CHCs) serve more than 8 million children in the United States.¹ School-based health centers (SBHCs) exist to ensure that equal care is available to all children.² These centers create a convenient and affordable way for care to be delivered. Children’s health must be made a priority so they are able to live their lives to the fullest and thrive in the classroom. They will be our community leaders of the next generation.


OUR OBSERVATION: Children must be seen by a doctor regularly to focus and perform well in the classroom. The school-based health center model is an incredible tool for this, however, sometimes doctors are too busy to go off-site for the whole day to be in schools.


OUR SOLUTION: Certintell’s telehealth services are a great solutions to this problem. Schools have the opportunity to work with local CHCs, and together, use tools that provide care to students via telehealth.




Whether you’re a provider, parent or caregiver, NACHC has teamed up with Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) to provide you with tools and resources to support the health, happiness and livelihood of kids.

Sesame Street In Communities

Source: Sesame Street In Communities [Youtube]




➠ Review and advocate for the School-Based Health Alliance’s Policy Priorities that sustain and support the growth of SBHCs on the federal, state, and local levels.

➠ We encourage the school-based health care field to advocate for these policies in their state Medicaid program.

➠ The school-based health care community celebrates National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month every February. This is an opportunity to recognize the success and raise awareness for school-based health care. Share how school-based health has impacted you on social media!




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