Automate prescription refills to improve patient health with the safest and most accurate way to coordinate, prepare, dispense and deliver medications directly to the patient’s home.

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About Telepharmacy

Telepharmacy increases patient outcomes by ensuring patients never miss a medication, including specialty medications. Virtually automated prescription refills provide the highest accuracy by allowing pharmacy technicians to setup prescriptions to be prepackaged and presorted, ready to deliver to the patient’s home at the time they need it. Not only is the patient experience improved by receiving exact prescriptions safely, the Certintell Telepharmacy Program ensures direct 340B savings from prescriptions are captured by your health center.

Care Team Involved

  • A team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians committed to providing the safest and most accurate method of delivering automated prescription refills to the patient’s home.
  • Physician Specialists qualified to prescribe specialty medications. Click here to learn more about our Specialty Services.
  • With a Medical Director (35+ years of experience) and ARNPs on hand, Certintell’s Certified Health Coaches are overseen as care coordination is provided to the patient in the comfort of their home while engaging clinic staff on any changes to the evolving care plan.
  • Once patient prescriptions are provided to Certintell, pharmacy technicians perform quality control checks and medication review to prepare prepackaged and presorted prescriptions that will be delivered at the patient’s home at the time they need it.

  • Telepharmacy services ensure the highest accuracy of prescription refills with pharmacists checking each refill before preparing the automated delivery so you can be sure that your patient’s daily prescriptions are exact.

  • Certintell’s Telepharmacy Program extends beyond normal pharmacy services, allowing your patients access to Physician Specialists who have the ability to prescribe specialty medications.

  • Each prescription contains all the medications the patient needs daily, with descriptions listing the day the prescriptions are meant to be taken, the time of day, and what dosage to ensure the patient never misses a medication by taking the right pills at the right time.

  • Delivering presorted prescriptions to the patient’s doorstep increases patient adherence and improves patient health outcomes by providing the patient every medication they need without ever having to leave the comforts of their home.

  • Certintell is able to create prescription audit trails and capture clinical data automatically to ensure health centers recoup direct 340B savings and increase revenue without any additional paperwork or labor.

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