For more than 30 years, National Health Center Week (NHCW) has been an annual celebration inspiring health centers to come together and celebrate the work they do and the communities they serve. This year, the theme is “The Chemistry for Strong Communities,” a motif focused on showcasing the small elements that foster the connections creating strong communal ties. For NHCW 2021, the elements in mind are: 


  • Values
  • Populations
  • Enabling services
  • Services
  • Innovations 
  • Affordability
  • Mission


These elements, as well as their sub-elements, are critical as conversations around health equity and value-based care continue to evolve. The past year has been a lesson in discovering how all these elements fuse together to catapult discussion into action. In the end, these elements have to be stable if we want to see flourishing results arise from it. We make it a mission to incorporate these elements into our work and we hope to encourage Health Centers, partners or not, to do the same.  


Certintell aims to support Community Health Centers and those they serve by partnering with clinical staff as a virtual medical practice promoting accessibility and equity-driven values and practices. We want to be an integral part in strengthening your community, this month and every month. But this month is special, because we’re giving away 7 scholarships to different health centers to support any events planned for NACHC’s NHCW 2021. We hope your events bring your community together and celebrate the vibrancy and individuality of each.


Winners will receive $400 each!


To have a chance at receiving a scholarship, all your health center has to do is submit your responses to three questions. Winners will be chosen at random based on individual Primary Care Associations and we’ll contact you personally if you win, and your stories will be shared on our website during National Health Center Week! Make sure you apply by 12pm CT on August 2nd and winners will be notified August 2nd by 5pm CT. 


Together, let’s formulate strategies that make community-ties even stronger and longer-lasting.



NOTE: By submitting any text, image or video to Certintell you acknowledge and agree that Certintell may use the content in internal and external marketing materials and on Certintell’s social media channels and partner media channels. Recipients of the $400 awards will be notified before 5pm CT on 8/2/2021.