Certintell’s blog series, “Industry Insights,” takes a look at what topics are buzzing with popularity in the mHealth and care management arena for Community Health Centers (CHCs), FQHCs and other community-based organizations. Here, you can explore how legislation might affect your workflows, what statistics might be preventing better patient outcomes, and tips for pushing past your biggest care barriers. Stay on top of what CHC news you should know below! This month, explore new guidance on reducing burnout among primary care teams, improving youth mental health, and protecting communities against Mpox.


US Surgeon General Releases Guidance on Youth Mental Wellbeing

May was Mental Health Month, an ode to protecting and promoting mental wellbeing among various communities in the U.S. In light of this observance, the U.S. Surgeon General released new guidance on youth mental health and what can be done to protect youth from mental harm. The guidance includes advice on what each stakeholder can do, such as parents, caregivers, and youth themselves. The advisory relates to protection specifically from the influences of social media. 

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Evaluating and Addressing Burnout in Primary Care Teams

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and and Quality (AHRQ), primary care providers have higher rates of burnout than other types of physicians. The agency argues that the health industry must continue to protect the wellbeing of primary care physicians, health systems must address the underlying causes of burnout. These causes are often work-related, therefore giving clinicians simple stress reduction tips does little to fix the problem. In this guide, AHRQ details what steps can be taken to improve the mental wellbeing of primary care physicians, including comprehensive research behind burnout and tools, strategies and resources that can be employed.

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Nurses Drive Connection Through Songwriting

In celebration of National Nurses’ Month in May, the nonprofit Freedom Sings USA released songs written by Veterans Administration (VA) nurses, which detailed their experiences and hardships providing care to their patients. It is an inspiring effort which aims to help nurses share their stories in hope that others might find greater appreciation for their craft. 

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CMS Fact Sheet on Asian Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders

May was also National Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month. While celebrating the beauty of these communities, it’s important for clinicians to understand their cultural differences to provide the best care possible. This CMS fact sheet explores the basics of what clinicians should keep in mind when treating patients of these communities, including uninsured rates, Medicare enrollment rates, and overall stats. 

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HHS Releases Fact Sheet on How to Keep Communities Safe from Mpox this Summer

Ahead of the summer months, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released new guidance on how to keep communities safe this upcoming season, notably against the mpox virus. One new recommendation includes providing an mpox vaccination as part of a sexual health services package that includes other services, such as HIV and STI testing, treatment and prevention. In this fact sheet, HHS also shares the newest data regarding mpox spread and partnerships the agency is engaging with to stop the spread. 

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