Video Remote Interpreting

Better communication between patients and clinicians supports better outcomes.

CertintellClarity, our next-generation Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) platform, delivers the highest quality, high-definition video and audio available today. Powered by uCare Connect, Certintell is designed specifically for healthcare professionals and patients, enabling clinicians to access medically qualified interpreters from their own devices or through one of Certintell’s suite of VRI devices.

Certintell currently offers 25 VRI languages and over 200 Voice languages at the touch of a button and anticipates adding more languages as required, to meet our clients needs. We also offer flexible and scalable VRI devices to make VRI accessible and convenient across the care continuum.

Features & Benefits

The intuitive user interface is feature-rich and includes:
  • One-touch connection to a medically qualified interpreter
  • Hands-free sound and video adjustment
  • Gender- and skills-based routing
  • Chat and privacy screen features
  • HIPAA-compliant encryption
  • 5-star rating system to support our quality commitment

Reporting & Support

Other benefits of uCare Connect include built-in analytics to give you the information you need to stay connected to vital usage data that supports more effective operations. Monitoring and support of the VRI equipment help ensure reliable service by alerting our IT department to any disruptions so we can resolve issues before they impact your service. We also regularly distribute upgrades, patches and antivirus software.

Certintell support technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support you with any questions or concerns over the phone or through our software. This ensures that any issue can be resolved quickly — without an impact to patient care.

iphone medical interpreting

Connect instantly to a medical interpreter.

Our VRI solution delivers high-quality, high-definition video and audio to enable better communication between patients and providers to support better outcomes. Certintell currently offers 25 VRI languages at the touch of a button and will be expanding our language offering over time.