We offer a highly reliable and secure platform for practitioners and caregivers to provide virtual health services to patients anytime, anywhere and from any device. Certintell’s advanced platform features provide distinct benefits to patients, practitioners, hospital groups and health plans.

Provider Flexibility

Control your availability with scheduled or on demand visits and deliver care from anywhere; office, home or on the go.

You’ll also have access to updated patient health information, giving you the right information at the point of care.

Patient Satisfaction

The demand for online services continue to grow, and healthcare is not a exception. Save your patient time and hassle by reducing waiting room time and eliminating travel time – a video visit can save your patients 150 minutes.*

Offer extended office hours on transitions acute health care phone calls to video visits during peak call times as an added service that benefits both your patients and your bottom line.



  • review-stars-orange I was at home, with no transportation...[and] was able to get the follow-up care I needed quickly after connecting with my provider through my smartphone. I would recommend a telehealth visit to everyone, as it saves time, is user friendly and helps me keep my appointments without big interruptions. I love virtual video visits with my smartphone!!

  • review-stars-orange I was blown away with the overall experience. The best part was that it took no longer than 10 minutes because it was a simple acute care need! A just used the app and connected with my provider remotely. Going to the doctor’s office would have taken well over 2 hours plus the time away from work and the drive both ways. I couldn't afford to take PTO. I will most definitely do a video visit again!

  • review-stars-orange I never felt comfortable going to the office for my counseling sessions. I tended to cancel quite often. Now I can connect with my counselor through my smartphone, computer or tablet at home. I feel much more comfortable in my own environment.