National Health Center Week (NHCW) is an annual celebration with the goal of raising awareness for America’s health centers. This year it will take place August 4 – 10, 2019 with the theme “Rooted in Communities” to represent the positive impact and engagement a Community Health Center (CHC) has within their local neighborhood. Certintell supports the mission of CHCs and strives to close gaps in health care access. Certintell’s goal is to help raise awareness for America’s health centers by advocating and celebrating all they do. We encourage everyone to spread the word about NHCW and its mission. We created a free Digital Toolkit with content for people to get involved and advocate for NHCW, here you will find profile images for patients and staff to use online to advocate for CHCs and cover images for anyone to use to do the same. In addition, we will be posting a new ‘Focus Day’ blog each day during NHCW and be sure to follow us online for more NHCW updates on our social media pages!

Download Free Digital Toolkit

NHCW has a specific focus each day in support of certain initiatives. We encourage community members to get behind and promote these initiatives. The 2019 ‘Focus Days’ include:

  • Sunday, August 4th – Social Determinants Day (Same-day blog post titled: The SDOH Care Gap)
  • Monday, August 5th – Healthcare for the Homeless Day (Same-day blog post titled: Mobile Help for Homeless
  • Tuesday, August 6th – Agricultural Worker Health Day (Same-day blog post titled: Serving Ag Workers Virtually
  • Wednesday, August 7th – Patient Appreciation Day (Same-day blog post titled: Appreciating Patient-Centered Care)
  • Thursday, August 8th – Stakeholder Appreciation Day (Same-day blog post titled: Advocate for Health Care Access)
  • Friday, August 9th – Health Center Staff Appreciation Day (Same-day blog post titled: (Same-day blog post titled: Recognizing CHC Champions)
  • Saturday, August 10th – Children’s Health Day (Same-day blog post titled: Next Generation’s Community Leaders)

We encourage CHCs to host events in celebration of NHCW. Health centers can bring awareness and seek media attention for the week in a variety of ways. We suggest writing a press release, sending a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or simply posting on social media about events. Specific hashtags that can be used in support of the week’s mission are #ValueCHCs, #NHCW19 and our own, #ClosingTheCareGap.

Help bring awareness to America’s health centers, while advocating and celebrating, by downloading and using the free NHCW19 Digital Toolkit today.

Download Free Digital Toolkit